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Gabi Lovve ( has been called the "Best MatchMaker In America" and LovveMatch CORP is her matchmaking company which assists 21-to-41-year old urban males and females in mastering their love lives. LovveMatch CORP provides online training and NYC classes to individuals of all ages whether they are single or in a relationship. The goal in love, according to Dr. Lovve, is to master thy own love life.


Dr. Lovve Enterprises Corporation is based in New York City, Los Angeles and most recently Miami. Our intention is to help you master your own love life. Our clients include those of you who are single and in need of finding your perfect love match as well as those of you who are already in a relationship that can benefit from fine-tuning and touch-up. Dr. Lovve teaches you how to be a Master Of Love. 


Dr. Lovve is in a fulfilling relationship with the love of her life, who is 11 years younger, and they whole-heartedly adore and respect one another. Dr. Lovve is simultaneously working towards her Ph.D. and her dissertational focus is Relationship Satisfaction and Personality Types. All of LovveMatch CORP staff and clients under go Keirsey Temperament Psychological Testing & Understanding in order to master their own love lives (

Dr. Lovve can be seen monthly in The Dr. Lovve Show on public access television. She can also be heard on WPAT 930am’s Teddy Smith & Dr. Lovve Show and hosts multi-city LovveMatch Match Making Parties and Dr. LovveGames Trainings nationally. Please call (888) 854.7488 for our current Lovve Touring Schedule near you or to talk about love with Dr. Lovve. Replays of our Lovve Trainings are available for sale in our Dr. Lovve Shoppe here at We look forward to assisting your unique love life!


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